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This is yet another new chapter in this musical novel called the Southern Brothers! 7 of 10 songs are originals with 3 cover songs that we've did our best to produce them with our own brand and style. A mix of country, southern rock, bluegrass, and Gospel creates a very real picture of who we are on and beyond the stage. Recorded with our OWN band, what you hear and see on this project is totally and completely Southern Brothers. Listening to it for the first time caused everyone in the group to smile, hopefully you'll have that same reaction and more!

  1. 1 $1.29 Love Someone Like Me 03:27
  2. 2 $1.29 Addiction 05:01
  3. 3 $1.29 Four Wheel Drive 04:05
  4. 4 $1.29 King For A Day 05:06
  5. 5 $1.29 Down To The River 03:27
  6. 6 $1.29 Hard Life 03:19
  7. 7 $1.29 Here I Go Again 04:08
  8. 8 $1.29 River Rat 04:54
  9. 9 $1.29 Walking In Jerusalem 02:55
  10. 10 $1.29 Melanie 03:33

2012: Bigger and Better!


The CD has 7 original songs, 1 highly requested cover and 2 more songs from the past that we have put our own spin on. To say that we are excited about this new project is an understatement! Much, MUCH more to come on the new CD in the weeks to follow. But my friends the good news doesn't stop there!


We're are teaming up with St. Judes Hospital, Wounded Warriors, and other non-profit organizations around our local area. Your purchase of our merchandise will not only help us continue making more music, but more importantly, will help change the life of a child, a returning hero, or someone in the local area in true need. More specific details about our plan will be soon arriving as well!


As the old saying goes: "A friend in need is a friend indeed." One of our resolutions is to promote our music bigger and better than ever in 2012. As a friend of our group, we'll from time to time ask you to do some specific, simple things from time to time throughout the year. All it will take is a few moments of your time but can have huge, positive ramifications. Make a resolution by helping us get our music known to 250,000 new people. It's a big goal, but very possible with your help! :)

There's even more to come,  things are happening, and we're excited about 2012. We hope your 2012 is filled with joy, smiles, and laughter. This year is going to be a great ride, enjoy it with us!


Welcome to the official Southern Brothers web site! There are many new features we will be adding daily and hope this is an informative and entertaining experience. With over 20+ years experience in the music business, it would be difficult to distill it all into one simple sentence, phrase or word. It has, and continues to be a magical journey through this crazy thing we call life. We try to not define our music with labels such as Country, Southern Rock, Gospel, or Bluegrass. We're simply the sons of a country preacher that love all kinds of great music. Are we at times country? You bet! At times are we southern rock, Gospel and/or bluegrass? Most definitely! We sing and play the music that comes from the soul in the best way we know how to portray it. "Pigeon-hole" us if you must, but please add entertaining, original, real, and unapologetic to the label! Please take some time to listen to and perhaps buy our music, watch our videos and maybe attend a concert when we're in your area. Again, thank you for looking and consider this a personal invitation to experience the music of Scott, Todd, and Tim Mills AKA the Southern Brothers!


There are no upcoming events right now.